Mission Statement

Political discourse, on both sides, has devolved into emotion-filled, highly polarized hatred of the opposing side. In other words, political polarization is currently at an all-time high, and we are witnessing an ‘us versus them’ mentality in politics like never before. Consequently, there is little bipartisan compromise on anything, and free speech has been sidelined in favor of protecting the feelings of many individuals on both sides of the aisle.

To combat this highly polarized environment, Arete upholds three primary missions that are deeply intertwined with its name. Arete, derived from ancient Greek, means virtue or excellence, and for Aristotle, virtue is the mean between two vices. Applying Aristotle’s understanding of virtue to contemporary society, we can observe that solutions to divisive political issues frequently gravitate toward the extremes rather than seeking a middle ground. As an independent academic journal, Arete aims to explore the middle ground of highly polarized issues through a three-part mission: (1) fostering intellectual freedom in academia, (2) promoting free speech in polarized environments, and (3) examining nuanced solutions to issues where only polarized solutions are typically considered.

To accomplish this mission, Arete, as a journal, will consistently publish content that: (1) focuses on political theory related to polarization in Western society, (2) explores alternative ways of understanding relevant and controversial news stories in polarized environments, and (3) presents middle-ground solutions to highly polarized issues.