Logan Tantibanchachai

Call for submissions:


Our team at Aretē is excited to announce the prompt for the inaugral issue of the journal:

Navigating the middle ground between two conflicting parties is never easy. Finding this middle ground means understanding and articulating the pros and cons of two diametrically opposed positions. Factoring in the charged nature of political discourse multiplies the difficulty of this challenge. Nonetheless, this will be our task. The inaugural edition of Aretē will exemplify the exploration of the middle ground in challenging political contexts. By drawing from social and political philosophy, we will unpack the difficult issues we face today. How can elements of political science and philosophy aid our understanding of contemporary issues? What methods are there to articulate the nuance of both sides in a contemporary debate? Is moderation plausible, or even reasonable, for political debates? These guiding question are not meant to be taken literally. Rather, they aim to show the flavor of what types of discussions are wanted to foster in the journal, and beyond.

If you are interested in getting published please email logan.tanti@gmail.com with a 3-4 page single spaced paper that fits within the bounds of the above prompt.

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