Logan Tantibanchachai

Call for submissions:

Our team at AretÄ“ is excited to announce the prompt for the second issue of the journal: 

The first amendment in the United States grants a protection of free speech. The boundaries of free speech have never been explicitly drawn. However, events in recent years have reinvigorated debates about free speech. How can we come to understand the guiding principles for free speech? When does free speech go too far? When are institutions warranted in barring free speech? Free speech debates today call for an evaluation of how we are to understand free speech in 2024.

The instructions for this essay are, thus, as such: write an essay focused broadly on free speech, feel free to use the guiding questions as inspiration or go beyond the initial questions.

If you are interested in getting published please email logan.tanti@gmail.com (with gazzaneo.jeanpaul@gmail.com CC’d) with a 3-4 page single spaced paper that fits within the bounds of the above prompt.

1. Formatting/citations should be in MLA style.
2. An abstract is required to be published.

The deadline for all submissions is April 21st; awards to top papers will be given out by May 25th.

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