What’s done is done

by Jake Thompson

What’s done is done.

When the wind blows you west

Out her window

Into the city

Through the swinging doors of the bar

Through the incessant guffawing of the shitfaced tie-dyes

with their meticulously crafted

ridiculously adorned vape mods

and Blue Moons

Smothered in dark blue-embroidered cozies

Past the blacklighted corridor around back, embellished with projectile vomit of all shapes and sizes

Past the dumpsters

Heaps of broken glass piled atop

And into the back of the alleyway

You must let go

and realize that it’s too late

What’s done is done.


You must not fall down

like Dad did

not end up

Beside a dumpster


That one you just passed…

Don’t go back.

Don’t let yourself go back.

That homeless man-

Making you feel welcome

“Trust me, it’ll make you feel better on the cold nights,”

Just go home.

Just go sleep.

It’ll all be over soon.

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