Ubiquitous Rain

by Jake Silvers

Hauling and crawling before my time’s done

Seeing the trees and the buildings I thought it’d be fun.

The rain shot down and I started to shiver

I looked at the streets and I saw a river

The air was thick and the reality grey

The ground was wet, the sky not night nor day.

Elevated on concrete, looking down on shelter

I looked through the window, I see many, but not a single helper

Every shot a wave, every drop was another.

I raced and jittered although I only moved a little

To me it was ubiquitous, to them a sprinkle.

Remembering my days of nectar, today wasn’t my best

Reminiscence of paradise, but no time to rest.

My wings are damp, restricted, like an angel who’s bound

Nature’s white noise is such a monotonous sound

I’m not meant for this, I was birthed to the crown.

I wanted my home, I wanted my queen

They might have looked, but my cries were unseen.

Tired and exhausted, it was my time

Looking where I was, my existence was no longer mine.

I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t close my eyes.

Hoping for miracle I looked to the skies

Stuck in a puddle I kicked and tried

Accepting my fate as my hands are tied

It was on this day, a worker bee died.

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