by Alfred Guilfoil

Have you ever seen something that just made you drop everything in your hands in utter confusion. For example, maybe you saw a dead possum attached to strings and being puppeted around by a strange man- that would confuse the hell out of you. That’s exactly what happened to Leo Sanchez. All he had wanted was to grab a drink from the 7/11 and get stoned in his little home. But apparently that wasn’t how his night was going to go. Because a block away from the 7/11 with it illuminated neon signs and its god knows how old hot dogs he was suddenly shocked into silenced, backpack falling to the ground.

There it was, plain as day. A strange man puppeteering a dead puppet. The way the man looked wasn’t strange per-se but the thing he was doing in fact was. No words were exchanged between the two as eyes locked for a moment until eyes were once again on the dead possum. Just turned 21 Leo felt like he had just aged about 70 years from the shock of what he was witnessing. He was so shocked in fact that he didn’t even open his mouth to ask questions and kept walking, passing the stranger and mentally updating the kind of booze he was buying from beer to vodka. Yeah. Vodka would probably be strong enough

Leo either didn’t notice the quiet footfalls behind him or didn’t care when he exited the 7/11 with a brown paper bag filled to the brim with vodka and Twinkies. He was going to try his best to keep to his plan of getting drunk and stoned, then stuffing his face with twinkies.

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